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I think Oprah would make a great president

I'm looking for a less divisive candidate.

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Americans need big, wild lands

Big, wild places are important for the human spirit.

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Humans are not cups

I wouldn't say no to a nap.

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A hundred memories held inside a sleeve

Utilizing the power of music to create lasting Christmas memories with my daughter.

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It was a time of transitions this week in Page

Steven Law takes notice of the changes occurring in our fair city last week.

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I've been a fan of small town journalism since 1985

When writing a news story I try to emulate the editor of my small hometown paper, who approached a news story with heart and compassion.

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Pageites have numerous reasons to give thanks

From a bountiful harvest to a bountiful Halloween, from a successful balloon regatta to the return of happy travelers, almost everyone in Page has a happy tale to tale.

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Learning, and sometimes failing, in the public eye

The editor apologizes for leaving out the second half of last week's football story.

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That autumn heater smell

Steven Law writes about why fall is his favorite season.

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