Record turnout at CCC's 16th annual Job Fair

Tourist season every year opens up many jobs

Page-Lake Powell’s annual job fair is the most anticipated event in March.

Tourist season every year opens up many jobs and businesses hire only seasonal employees, which is the draw to the job fair, now in its 16th year at Coconino Community College.  

When the job fair opened Saturday morning many people expected all the “good jobs” to be taken by noon. But, almost every employer in attendance was still looking for applicants by 2 p.m. A total of 42 employers had hoped to fill up their interview list before the end of the day but despite a record turnout, employers were still actively trying to recruit candidates for the best jobs in town.

“I have never been to the job fair, but I was impressed. I was really impressed with the turnout,” said Kay Leum, director of special projects and grants at CCC. Leum has been recently voted to the Economic Development Advisory Board, which also takes note of business needs that cater to tourists.

This year the Census Bureau was on site with information for possible Census takers. The job comes around every four years and they will train people for the yearlong job.

Another booth that had much interest was the Page Police Department, as well as the Page Fire Department and the Coconino County Sheriff’s Office with testing applications for candidates.

One major employer in attendance that was hiring for virtually every position in abundance was the Aramark Corp. that specializes in tourist destination and hospitality. They were on site to hire for all departments. Wilderness River Adventures in conjunction with Aramark was also on site to hire 12-15 river guide positions for the summer.

The Page-Lake Powell Job Fair is not the end of the hiring for all the employers that attended. As the booths were packing up many candidates were still turning in their applications and were told to drop them off directly to the business to schedule an interview.

“I think it went good. The vendors seemed to be really happy,” Jim Hunter, director of CCC Page Center, said after the event.