Friends in high places

Despite lack of snow, our nearest ski resorts are open for business.

An autumn with very little precipitation means less than ideal ski conditions at the three ski resorts nearest Page: Snow Bowl, Brian Head and Eagle Point Resort. Despite the low snow fall the resorts have been making their own snow. Snowbowl and Brian Head are both open and Eagle Point Resorts say they plan to open this Friday.

Brian Head Resort of Brian Head, UT, as well as Snowbowl of Flagstaff, Ariz. are ramping up winter activities as the mercury drops.  The slopes are equally as suited for snowboarders and skiers of all skill levels.  Whether visitors are seasoned veterans or haven’t yet been on the snow, Brian Head and Snowbowl have activities ranging from gentle bunny slopes to challenging black diamonds.

While Utah boasts the “greatest snow on Earth” Arizona is a lesser-known winter destination.  With the surprising high altitudes, distant mountain views and thick packed snow, one would never guess that cactus populated valleys and dry deserts live a few hours away from the Arizona ski slopes.

The thrill of the two ski resorts has long been one of Page’s whimsical winter treats. Though Utah and Arizona offer many exciting ski resorts, few are the go-tos. Brian Head Ski Resort, Arizona Snowbowl and Eagle Point Ski Resort are the three facilities that peak our interests.

In spite of the recent and tragic Brian Head fire, the resort was spared any damage and is fully operational.  Visitors to Flagstaff’s and Brian Head’s snowy mountains will find the 2018 season to be among their busiest to date.  The season is a drier one, thus far, though both resorts are manufacturing snow to meet the needs of board.

Brian Head Resort, a mere three hours from Page, offers its guests versatile slopes, affordable rates and abundance of snow; no matter the weather’s demeanor. The past few months of winter’s emergence have not yet graced northern Arizona and Southern Utah slopes with snow. “Mother nature hasn’t been the best to us,” says Mark Wilder, Head of Public Relations for Brian Head Resort. “However, our group of men and women working to help create man-made snow as well as tend to the snow machines are amazing.”

Though around 90 percent of Brian Head’s snowfall is manmade; guests are still flooding in at resounding rates.

Brian Head considers the Page area part of its realm of ski enthusiasts.

“Brian Head is family-oriented, affordable and teaches specialized learning,” Wilder continued. “We are known for our spread out space and we believe we appropriate that space properly for our guests.”

The Christmas season and on through the end of March are considered Brian Head’s “meat of the season.” Tickets for adults start at $38 and children’s tickets start at $27. Weekends and holidays the resort is open from 9:30 until 4:30 for the ample skiing experience. Page locals who wish to visit the Brian Head Resort this season can expect nothing less than a thrilling and fulfilling winter wonderland of a ride.

If Brian Head Resort is your usual annual ski and you are looking for new slope perspective; you can consider the highest peaks in Arizona located in Flagstaff at the Arizona Snow Bowl. With Humphreys Peak a few miles away, well maintained snow coverage and a new lift for guest accommodations, Snow Bowl is an ideal destination. 

Like Brian Head, the Snowbowl has felt a lacking in winter precipitation. Snowbowl prides itself on its updated snow-making equipment and compensating techniques for winter’s late arrival. Since the weather can be unpredictable on the slopes of Arizona and snow does not remain consistent through the season, the snow machines have become a reliable resource.

Snowbowl finds it necessary to update their products to keep up with the use of the landscape. 8 to 14 inches of snow lay heavy on the Flagstaff peaks of the ski slopes during this Christmas season.

Snowbowl makes itself available to its guests by being open seven days a week from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. Their non-holiday prices for children range from free admission for four to seven year olds to adult ticket prices at $79 for a full day of skiing. Though subject to change, Snow Bowl’s expected date for closing is April 29. When researching the potential Snow Bowl reservation, locals of Page can consider the full experiential concept of what Flagstaff has to offer. Though Flagstaff can be seen as a college town, its unique restaurant scene, open door to its varying art centers and expansive outdoor opportunities may be just the vacation your family needs to fulfill everyone’s needs.

Eagle Point Resort of Southwestern Utah desires to define itself by its “untouched and pure” landscape. A simple glance at their website will lead one to browse through the corresponding photos that capture the crystal surface of the snow-capped Mountains in Beaver, Utah.

Beaver is four hours northwest of Page.  

This has been a select destination for many locals for many years and continues to stay as a top chart. Due to a lack of snow Eagle Point is closed until their proposed date of January 5. If you are of the spontaneous kind and desire a fresh adventure then you can begin your journey to Eagle Point by visiting their detailed, all inclusive website.

No matter you, your family or your friend group’s decision on which friendly ski resort to visit, you can be assured you won’t be lacking in choices. Your local resorts compensate for seasonal affairs and pride themselves on customer service for visitors far and wide.

The winter season in Page, characterized by white pockets atop red desert mesas, backyard bonfires and bundled locals and tourists, can be limited for foot adventure based on individuals hobbies and family comforts. Adjacent cities to Page are here to accommodate our wintry outdoor needs.

This winter, don’t be afraid to explore your surrounding neighbors and soak in their specialties. When it comes to skiing, snowboarding and other assorted snowy activity, remember one thing: we have friends in high places.