Anna Kidman Selected for All-State Honor Choir

PAGE – Earlier this year, Anna Kidman auditioned for the Arizona Music Educators Association All-State Honor Choir as a soprano, and for the first time in several years, she is the first student in Page to be selected for all-state choir, two years in a row.

Page High School students competed against at least 400 students in the state to be part of a hundred-piece honor choir. After being selected for the regional choir, students had the opportunity to audition for the honor choir.

Kidman competed against 150 other sopranos in the state of Arizona. Out of that 150, she ranked 26. For her audition, she sang “Vittoria Mio Core” by the Italian composer Giacomo Carissimi. She has auditioned four times and was chosen for the first time last year.  

This year, her senior year, she auditioned with eight other Page High School students for the regional competition. Seven were selected, of which two were selected as semi-finalists. Anna was the only one accepted from Page. Last year was the first time someone from Page High made it to all-state choir since her teacher, Lynda Nolan, was selected herself for the prestigious choir.

Nolan has been Anna’s voice coach for four years and is Anna’s aunt.  

It is extremely difficult to be selected for all-state music. Students not only have a high level of musicality, but also an excellent singing voice and have the ability to sight read music easily. Nolan describes Anna’s natural musical ability saying, “Anna has developed her musical skills over the years to become a very competent musician. She plays piano extremely well and has been able to transfer that knowledge into other areas of her musicianship.”

Having grown up with music, Anna’s music education and training included a solid foundation in classical music, especially opera. That foundation has allowed her to learn other styles of singing.   

Not only does she sing soprano, she also plays the piano and is learning to play guitar. Of all the instruments she plays, Anna said singing is her favorite. When she is not singing at school, she sings at church, especially in her church’s annual Christmas program.

Anna is not sure yet whether she’ll pursue a music degree or not, but one thing for sure is that music will be in her life. While music is an option in college, Anna is considering occupational therapy and performance nutrition. For now, she says, “Nothing screams at her.”  

Until then, she is going on an 12-month mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and plans to take as many of her college pre-requisites as possible before entering a university, giving her time to think about what she wants to do. Of course, she will have music to think with.


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