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It all comes together in the end-LETTER TO THE EDITOR

Posted: Wednesday, Feb 6th, 2013

Each day I look at the TV or internet news, I see more beat-around-the-bush talks and more innocent people dying from gunshot wounds.

America, itís too late to control guns here. The 2nd Amendment protects our right to bear arms. That type of thinking was okay when that document was printed. There were wild animals and outside forces to cause us harm.

Over the years the 2nd amendment should have been revised. Now itís totally out of control, because people read and understand it in different ways. Just like the Bible. People read it and come up with what they think a certain verse means.

We have a problem in America because our laws arenít tough enough. If a person takes another life by firearm for no legal real reason, they should be put to death within a week. No sending them to prison, where taxpayers have to pay for their upkeep for years to come. Just put them to death. Maybe if that starts to happen, the criminal element will think twice about pulling a trigger.

If you look around the world, a lot of the countries we call Third World nations have better gun control than we do. You get caught stealing, you lose a finger or a hand. You deal drugs, automatic death sentence. Gun down someone not in self-defense, immediate death sentence. Sure we see teenagers packing AK-47s, grenade launchers, etc. Theyíre being carried for survival of their people and land against rebels. American teenagers carry them for protection against a bully, because of a dysfunctional family. They feel cool or safe. Itís status.

In England, police officers donít even carry guns. When needed, they call for those who carry guns. See, they got their laws straight from the start. When English people came to America, it was all the bottom class. Mainly criminals sailed those ships. I believe it was a choice: Get on the ships or stay here in prison.

So all of the people who are so proud of their family background in America didnít know your ancestors were probably criminals. They didnít put that in the school textbooks. Thatís why everything bad about America now days is consuming our country and was passed down through the generations: greed, equality for people and gun control.

Why use taxpayer money housing drug dealers and people who commit murder or rape?

Just put them to death within days. Rapists should have something else done. Then if they survive that, put them to death. Iím sure the crime rate would drop.

As I said, itís too late for gun control in America. Crack, meth and automatic weaponsóall those things were put in place by our government to eliminate certain people. Unless you are living under a rock, you know our government did experiments with LSD on our soldiers. Now it has blown up in their faces, just like the AIDS virus. All were supposed to be contained to certain people. They canít control the gun, so letís set back and let certain people kill each other off. Now it has spread across America to the wrong people and placesóthe rich and upper middle class.

Now our government wants to control guns when a white school gets shot up. Thatís been happening in the ghetto for years and no one cared. See, thatís whatís wrong with America. Certain children mean more than other children. We have no equality in America.

All our children should have the same chance, and shouldnít be judged by their skin color before theyíve had a chance to prove America different.

I may have strayed from gun control, but I believe it all comes together in the end and starts with the children of America. Who do you want running things when youíre gone?

Charles Burris


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